Open Day #1

Open Day #1

I really enjoy occupying the Classics and Ancient History stall at our Open Days at the University of Birmingham. Typically, we each take a 1.5 hour slot, and during that time we get to chat to our lovely student helpers (typically, enthusiastic current UGs on our various degree programmes) and, and this is the real … Continue reading



Sitting on a plane, today, reminds me of the odd confluence of flight and want in the first person singular (present) Latin terminology. This flight, FCO-BHX, is no worse than other such in the fallen world post-9/11; that is to say, one is so chivvied, corralled, grilled, herded, and dehumanised by the process of getting … Continue reading

Doing research / Rome / topography

Emotional geographies, reflected

All day I’ve been multi-tasking. There’s something vaguely sinister about the multi- prefix. Makes me think of multifarious, which rhymes with nefarious… But the point is that multi-tasking is when I’m typically at my most efficient and productive, even though it’s a fine line between spinning plates and blood-spattered sherds. What I’m mostly working on … Continue reading