Buswoman’s holiday

With two papers to fashion on today’s to-do list, after a crushingly productive few days here in Rome without seeing anyone, I was dubious about my chances of ticking both off. I’m weary.

Things started badly when I switched off the morning alarm and went back to sleep (a reconstructed explanation: I have no memory of this) at 6am. Surfacing at 8am, it felt as if I’d lost much of the day already.

By the time toast was made and eaten, new Sicilian eucalyptus honey tasted, oranges squeezed etc., I was starting the working (Sun)day around 10am. Bah.

My friend Agnes had noted that there’s a rare-ish opening of Palazzo Pamphilij — where I long to see da Cortona’s riff on Aeneas’ life-story — on Piazza Navona…

Plus, the Musei in Comune twitter feed alerted me to the opportunity to view the Tabula Militaris (Peutinger Table) at Trajan’s Markets…

With these lures in place I actually did it: the more urgent paper is complete, including handout; the other is blocked out for review later. Leaving me to an afternoon of cultural delights!

One of the reasons I decided to essay a blog is because I feel most alive when I write; thinking about how to frame (in words rather than through a lens) experience makes it pop.

With this in mind, sitting waiting for the #130 at the Marmorata/Vanvitelli stop, the day re-commences.


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